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I cannot begin to describe how difficult it was to think of what to write for my first blog post. I have written and deleted the first sentence about a thousand times in the last few months.

Is it possible to get writers block when you’re not even a writer, and you haven’t started writing?

Anyways I must now banish this writer’s block, starting from now…………………………now……………………….right this is really it this time!

I think its like many things. Once you make that first step, things begin to move, or like when you are at a social event and feeling awkward, once you connect with someone who you feel like you are comfortable with, as perhaps they seem just as awkward as you, then the words begin to flow.

I didn’t want this first post to be like the introduction to an alcoholics anonymous meeting, so I wont do the whole ‘Hi I’m James, I’m 31, blah blah blah.

I’ll go more into depth into my own profile and history etc in future posts. Cant use all the material up in one post now can we!

As the title would suggest, I am a parent, but also an introverted person, who like many of you out there, struggles in social situations that some others have no apparent difficulty with.

I have two daughters from a previous relationship, and although now recently happily married to someone else, I pretty much still class myself as a single dad, and I’ll explain why in more depth in future posts. I will just point out that when I say that, I mean no offense to my wife Lindsay, she is lovely, and she might also possibly read this and kill me if I don’t say that!

Something which I noticed heavily during my years as a single dad, is that there was, and still is a distinct lack of a ‘sanctuary’ if you like. A central and safe place for parents, mums and dads to discuss their struggles with others, share tips, lean on others for advice, and just generally a place where people care.

Yes you could argue that Mumsnet does cover a little of that, and does what it does in a very good way, and I would whole-heartedly agree. I have used it many times. But I think their path lies in a different direction to what I would like this to become.

So thats what I decided to try and create with this blog, a safe haven for discussion, advice and care.

Along the way if others are able to benefit from my experiences as a socially awkward single parent, and also find comfort in discussions in the comments and forums with like minded contributors, then that will be mission accomplished!

It’s ambitious but then again every successful idea starts like that.

Although I will make every effort to post as regularly as possible, it is bound to be a little irregular at first, as I seek to obtain some kind of rhythm to the process.

In case I didn’t mention it enough in the opening paragraph, I have no experience as a writer, can’t remember if I mentioned it! Therefore hopefully my writing skills will also progress and improve as time goes on, alongside the gradual evolution and improvement of the website, all working towards giving you the reader, a much more pleasant experience.

Anyway I better stop there for post one before I begin to ramble to too much!

I look forward to meeting you all in the comments and forums.

-Introvert Dad

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